The future of work and how to stay employable

It was a real privilege to be interviewed by Jeremy Cline on the Change Work Life podcast the other day.

Jeremy’s podcast is essential listening for everyone in the career development world. He now has 112 episodes, most of which consist of conversations between Jeremy and other experts in different aspects of career development. Recent episodes have focused on the changing workplace after Covid, finding fulfilment and how to make yourself visible at work. All well work a listen.

In my episode Jeremy and I discuss the future and what people can do, both individually and collectively, to ensure that they will still have a careers. Inevitably we discuss robots and the gig economy, but we also touch on globalisation, digitalisation, politics, the economy and career guidance. As ever I argue that it is important not to panic and to recognise that while change happens many things also stay the same.

Jeremy has produced excellent shownotes as well as a brilliant podcast.

Listen to Episode 112: The future of work and how to say employable

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